Financial planning.

Reach your goals with personalized financial guidance

Like a personal trainer for your money

The knowledge of a CFP®

We’re Certified Financial Planners™, experts at looking at your whole financial life. And we’re actual people who will get to know you — because you’re more than your name and account balance.

A plan for life’s big events

Thinking about buying a house? Getting ready to start a family? Looking to make your money go further? We’ll help you understand the impact on your finances and guide you on next steps.

Modern tools. Smarter price.

We’ve compiled decades of research to create a robust financial planning engine that enables our advisors to give you personalized advice at a fraction of the cost of a traditional advisor.1

Not just 9 to 5

It’s true: money never sleeps, and your money doesn’t take weekends off. Neither do we. Email, chat, or text us anytime (seriously!) with questions.


Grove is a Registered Investment Advisor and we hold ourselves to the fiduciary standard of care — to act solely in your best interest when offering personalized financial advice. In addition, the creation of your financial plan will be overseen by a Certified Financial Planner™.

How it works

  1. Meet your advisor

    After filling out your online profile and syncing your accounts, you'll speak with a CFP® who will get to know you, discuss your current situation, and create your personalized financial plan.

  2. Get your plan

    Your plan (and future plan updates) include actionable steps, like how to allocate your money between savings and investment accounts and how to best take advantage of your employer's retirement benefits.

  3. Stay on track

    Grove will monitor your progress, let you know when there are important actions to take, and make sure your plan stays up to date. Of course, we are always here for help along the way!

Schedule a demo

Questions about Grove? Schedule a demo and understand if we’re right for you. Or, check out our frequently asked questions