Fair and honest pricing

$65 per month

Plus a $560 one-time setup fee

  • Comprehensive financial checkup
  • Ongoing guidance as life changes
  • A real-time summary of your money
  • Access to a dedicated financial planner
  • Personalized investment portfolio

A comprehensive financial checkup

Am I saving enough? Am I on track to reach my goals? Am I doing ok? When you join Grove, your Certified Financial Planner™ will dive into an in-depth review of your finances and give you straightforward steps for how to improve your financial health.

Ongoing guidance as life changesBETA

Things are bound to change, and we’ve planned for that! Every 3 months, your advisor will look over your situation and reach out to keep you informed about your progress, offer new recommendations, and help you stay on track as life changes.

A clear picture of your money, anytime

Your finances are continually changing—don’t worry, we’ll keep tabs on your money for you. Sync your accounts to get a clear view of your money. Login to see a real-time summary of your financial health and goals alongside your personalized advice.

Access to a dedicated financial planner

Whether you have questions as you check off your to-do’s or simply want someone to help keep you accountable, Grove’s advisors are here for you. Not sure what to do with your tax refund or how to make decisions for open enrollment? Email or message us anytime!

Personalized investment portfolio

Whether you’re just starting to save or already have a lot invested, we’ll review your current investments and recommend a strategy based on your goals and financial situation. Or, ask us to manage your portfolio and we’ll seamlessly adjust your investments as your financial plan evolves. Members get their first $100,000 managed free of charge (a $250 value). Learn more about Grove Invest.

Fiduciary responsibility

Grove is a Registered Investment Advisor and we hold ourselves to the fiduciary standard of care—to act solely in your best interest when offering personalized financial advice.

The typical cost of working with a financial planner is $3,500/year1

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