Grove Invest

Planning & investing.

Better together.

Why Grove Invest?

We know you and your plan

We’ve spent time getting to know you, your goals, and your risk profile (we think we’ve gotten to know you better than a form questionnaire or a calculator can do), and can help put together the best investment portfolio for you.

One-stop shop

We’ll manage your investment portfolio as part of your overall financial plan. If something changes in your plan, we can frictionlessly update your investments.

Global investing with low fees

Our investment strategy involves building a portfolio with thousands of companies from dozens of countries, and doing this with low fees. We believe this is the best approach to help your money grow for the long term.

Investment strategy

Reduce Risk

We lower risk in your portfolio by diversifying your investments. That means we’ll choose a range of investments so that your success isn’t dependent on the performance of any particular country or business sector.

Increase tax efficiency and lower fees

We do the analysis to find investments with low management fees and perform tax loss harvesting on your behalf.

Personalized to you

The portfolio is personalized for your risk appetite and aligned with your goals. We know if you are saving for something soon or putting it away for retirement, and can choose appropriate investments for each situation.

How it works

Set up your account

Open an account and transfer the investments and cash you’d like Grove to manage. Appoint Grove as your advisor on the account.

Let us do the work

Grove manages your account according to your plan (if your plans change we’ll make sure it gets updated in your investments too).

Get updates

Check your account balance and holdings online, and receive monthly summaries of your portfolio performance.

What does it cost?

Grove Invest

0.25% of assets under management over $100,000

For an account with $150,000 in assets, about $10/month

Top 5 robo-advisors

0.33% of assets under management

For an account with $150,000 in assets, about $42/month

Traditional Advisor

1% of assets under management

For an account with $150,000 in assets, about $126/month

Frequently asked questions

How do I get started?

Let your advisor know you're interested as we’re putting together your financial plan. Once we deliver your plan and agree on the approach forward, we’ll send you the forms to open an account. Once the accounts are opened and funded, Grove will get started managing your investments.

What safeguards are in place to ensure that my money is safe with you?

Grove uses TD Ameritrade as the custodian for Grove Invest clients. This means that TD Ameritrade holds your cash and investments. Your money is protected by the safety and security measures that they have in place for their more than $880 billion in client assets 5. Other than our management fee, Grove cannot add or remove money from your TD Ameritrade account, only you can do that. We take on the part of making investments with those funds. In this way, you stay in control of your money.

Do I need to be a Grove member to join Grove Invest?

Yes, your Grove plan is the roadmap that we’ll follow to optimize your investments. We believe that making a plan is necessary to understand your financial situation and will help us better invest your money for your needs.

Are you able to manage all my investment accounts?

Pretty much! We can help you manage your brokerage, IRA, and Roth IRA accounts.

How much and when do I pay for this service?

Grove members get their first $100,000 managed free of charge. We charge only 0.25% of the assets we manage per year over that amount. This means an account of $200,000 would pay $21 in fees per month to Grove, and you don’t pay any additional trade commissions.