You tell us why.
We'll tell
you how.

You tell us why. We'll tell you how.


How it works

Get matched

Complete your online profile, sync your accounts, and get matched with an advisor who fits your situation.

Strategy session

Like couples counseling for your relationship with money. Your advisor reviews your profile to figure out where you are today, and what goals you have for tomorrow.

The deep dive

After your new financial plan is ready, your advisor presents an in-depth review, with action items to improve your financial health.

Stay on track

As you work through your plan, Grove helps you keep an eye on your accounts, see your spending habits, and track your goal progress online.

Ongoing updates

Anytime “life” happens, we’ll adjust your plan and offer new advice to help keep you on track.

Advice for real people, from real people.

We believe the personal connection is important. Getting to know you and making sure you have a partner who puts your best interests first is fundamental to our values.

Software designed to take care of your money. Not take it.

Our advisors deliver your strategy through the Grove website and app which help you make sense of our advice, keep track of your progress, and know if you’re on track.

What makes a comprehensive strategy?

Building the foundation.

Critical to an effective strategy, a solid financial foundation is where to begin. These are the keys that will unlock future goals.

Managing equity.

There's huge opportunity in having equity — but it can also be overwhelming. We make sure our members fully understand their equity, and create a stress-free strategy to help them navigate it.

Buying a home.

The path to homeownership can be challenging, especially in competitive markets like the Bay Area and NYC. We’ll help you understand your options, and figure out what makes sense for you.

Starting a family.

One of life’s happiest events, and the reason you’ll eventually go gray. From doctors and daycare, to insurance and setting aside money for college, we’ll help with the big picture so you can focus on every little moment.

Your interests
above all, even ours.

Speak with an advisor to see if Grove is right for you