We give a damn,
and put people first.

Research shows that 85% of adults feel financial anxiety,1 yet only 32% of them seek professional financial advice.2

Confusing financial jargon makes an already opaque industry even tougher to navigate — keeping those who are in, in, and people who are out, even more out. In the U.S. today, most advisors focus on people who already have millions of dollars3 in assets, or charge rates up to $5,0004 that are too high for many individuals and families.

Something needs to change.

I’ve always been a huge nerd about optimizing my finances, from getting the best deals around town, to maximizing my credit card points. As that passion grew, I quickly became the person my friends and family went to for financial advice. As the people in my life started to balance their priorities — things like paying off student loans, saving for a down payment, or starting their family — I realized people needed more than just a savvy friend to talk with.

I left my job at Google Ventures with a mission to empower people to make great decisions about their money. Shortly after, I founded Grove with my longtime friend, Chris Doyle.

We are building the first comprehensive financial planning service that is accessible and affordable for young professionals. Our goal is to break down barriers, and focus on integrity. To kill the idea that talking about money is taboo, and to make honest, straightforward financial advice the new normal.

That’s Grove.

Co-Founder and CEO