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Our mission is to make personalized financial advice affordable and accessible to everyone.

I’ve always been a huge nerd about optimizing my financial situation, from getting the best deals to maximizing the points I earn from my credit cards. As that passion grew, I quickly became the person that my friends and family go to for financial advice. As more and more of my friends and colleagues started to balance all of life’s priorities—things like paying off student loans, saving for a down payment or starting a family—I realized that people needed more than a friend to talk with.

Research shows that 85% of adults feel financial anxiety. 1 However, when I looked at the options people had, it was clear why only 32% of them are getting professional financial advice 2. In the U.S. today, most investment advisors focus on people who already have millions of dollars 3 or charge rates up to $5,000 4 that are too high for many families. Something needed to change.

In the U.S. today, most investment advisors focus on people who already have millions of dollars or charge rates up to $5,000 that are too high for many families.

I left my job at Google Ventures with a mission to empower people to make great decisions about their money. Shortly after, with my longtime friend Chris Doyle, we founded Grove. We are building the first comprehensive financial planning service that is accessible and affordable for young professionals.

Chris Hutchins

Co-Founder and CEO

Meet the team

Chris Hutchins

CEO / Co-founder

I’ve always been an entrepreneur. After being laid off in the 2008 financial crisis, and seeing so many others in the same circumstance, I started LaidOffCamp, an organization to empower people through education. We spread to 20 cities around the country and helped thousands through a tough situation. A few years later, I co-founded Milk, a mobile app incubator in San Francisco, where we launched Oink to over 100,000 users before being acquired by Google. I spent most of my time there focused on investing in early-stage companies at Google Ventures. After seeing the amazing things that entrepreneurs can achieve when they work hard on problems they’re passionate about, I knew that my next calling would be to start another company. Four years later, I left to build Grove.

Chris Doyle

Chief Investment Officer / Co-Founder

I started my career at Barclays Capital trading mortgage-backed securities. My team spun out to start a new hedge fund, where I led a team to develop quantitative models the $900M+ fund used to invest. During that time, I noticed that even a lot of my financially-savvy friends needed help to understand if they were saving enough for retirement or if they could afford to live in the city with kids. I realized how complicated their questions were and how many people were trying to figure it out for themselves. Chris and I teamed up to start Grove to help everyone navigate an increasingly complex financial world.

Here at Grove, I focus on creating the algorithms and tools that empower our advisors to transform a complex situation into straightforward advice.

  • Leslie Mallman, CFP®

    Director of Financial Planning

  • Michael Storm

    Software Architect

  • Bini Lee, CFP®

    Senior Financial Planner

  • Irene Lee

    VP of Marketing

  • Elizabeth Lazor, CFP®

    Financial Planner

  • Leotie Fukawa, CFP®

    Financial Planner

  • George Galat V, CFP®

    Financial Planner

  • Zac Cornwell, CFP®

    Financial Planner

  • Kevin Schaefer

    Design Lead

  • Yael Gilboa

    Chief of Staff

  • Derek Shockey

    Director of Engineering

  • Finn

    Canine Office Security

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